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How do you handle requests to Santa?

Do your kids send Santa a list of suggestions and the he chooses? Or do they ask for one specific gift that he gets? DD only really wants one toy but I made her give a couple of options.

DD said this morning that she can't wait until Christmas so that santa will bring her the new lalaloopsy. I tried to explain that just because she asked for it doesn't mean santa will for sure bring it. He'll try his hardest but sometimes things happen.

That doll has already been purchased so it's not actually about whether she'll get it or not, it's more about the expectation that because she asked santa she will for sure give. Plus the surprise of actually receiving it Christmas day

She's 4.5 so I get it - Santa is magical and there *shouldn't* be anything he can't do. And up until now requests have been reasonable. I just worry that without this disclaimer next year's request will be something that can't be fulfilled, if that makes sense.

Do I just keep gently reminding her that he'll try his best when she brings it up? Is there another approach I'm not seeing?
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