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Re: gluten free help quick

Originally Posted by aaiya View Post
Honestly, before I went to the trouble of cooking GF for this kid, I'd make sure they'll eat it. I have a few GF friends who will NOT eat things other people make if they have gluten in their homes because of cross-contamination issues (flour in the air from prior baking projects, etc).
He ate the Halloween stuff. Which isn't saying much since he was completely unsure of what he could and couldn't eat. I am not sure what kind of instructions he has been given, but the teacher has not been given instructions about him not eating anything. I am the only parent that knows he even has an issue and I only know because dd told me. Then I asked the teacher to verify. She thanked me for bringing in something for him and I brought all my labels. As far as what the teacher has been told its fine. I really wish I knew the mother though- I know my dd is not allowed to eat anything unless I approve it first. DD is confident in turning food down and her teacher knows that it is our rule that she doesn't eat anything unless I approve it- regardless of what the parent making it says. But this kid ate everything that was place on his plate- it made me really nervous and I stood close by to remove stuff right away when I knew it was bad.
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