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Re: bento lunch ideas for small eaters

Originally Posted by Shimpie View Post
Here's DD's lunch setup. I posted about this back in June when she first started preschool and I started packing a cold lunch.

Although my photo shows sandwices, it turns out DD doesn't like pb&j. Here's what I usually pack in a lunch:
ham cubes or ham slices cut into shapes like hearts, starts, flowers
spaghetti, marinara sauce, ground beef or gound turkey
rice balls
plain pasta with parmesan cheese
carrot sticks (If I have a really big diameter carrot, I use a flower veggie slicer)
bell peppers
cheese sticks or cheese slices cut into hearts and star shapes
cutie tanegeries
apple slices

I do rice balls with chicken, pork, or ham cubes all the time. However, it's not warm. DD's school does not heat up food. DD still loves her cold rice balls and I tend to send very simple meat dishes that don't have a lot of sauce or butter, which wouldn't taste good cold. Sometimes, if I feel artistic, I decorate her rice balls with little funny faces made of of seaweed. If I send a rice dish that isn't in a ball, it's fried rice. Cold plain rice is just not yummy.

I send try to keep dry foods like crackers or yogurt chips in a separate container from the bento, because humudity from other foods often makes them soggy.
Sooo cute! Do you heat up her meat in the morning, or just give it to her cold, like from the frig?
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