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Question about WAHM selling

I was reading over the changes in the WAHM forum (it has been so long since I used it that I didn't even realize my thread was gone and I needed to reapply). One of the rules said that I could only have one thread and everything I was selling needed to be there. This may be a really stupid question but does that mean everything thing I am selling as in all of my WAHM wares or everything I am selling as in everything. I was just listing a bunch of the odds and ends around my house (mama cloth, diapering stuff ect) that really has nothing to do with my WAHM stuff, I didn't make any of it and can't see listing it on a WAHM thread. I know in the past I could have normal FSOT threads for used diapers and other items plus my WAHM thread for items I was making to sell either pre-made or custom. Am I misunderstanding the rule?
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