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Re: How do you handle requests to Santa?

Am I the only one that doesn't ask for a list? I never confirm or deny santa's existence, and I never go out of my way to make him real, but I still end up doing santa. we do the solstice for their main gifts, but now we are celebrating st. Nicks day on xmas instead, so he really only brings a chocolate letter, some dutch licorice and a trinket that can fit in a wooden shoe. They LOVE putting out reindeer food and milk and cookies and I feel like I would be a terrible mom if "santa" didn't eat them.

Even when we celebrated plain ol' xmas the normal way, we never addressed any gifts from santa, or did lists. The kids were content just to see an empty milk glass and a bite out of a cookie. I know what they like, so I don't need a list and I feel like having them ask and expect is only going to form bad habits. Maybe I'm just a scrooge.
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