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Re: Am I wrong in thinking that this is a bit much...teacher gift question

Originally Posted by Pixi6s View Post
You didn't mention how much the gift card had to be. Maybe whatever amt you were going to get for starbucks or panera you get for target. Or give the mug and add the candy total to the giftcard. If someone is really trying to get a device like that even $5 helps.

We don't have room moms, but my nephew does. My SIL mentions that room mom comes up with a gift and they contribute to it. I think it would be nice to be able to get one nice gift instead of lots of small ones.

While your gift sounds nice, your child's teacher is getting 12 of those every year, year after year. Imagine how many mugs she must have. Even if it took 2 years worth of gift cards before you were able to get "the next i-product" i think its great.
I don't mind getting a gift card for Target....that's not the point. It's the amount suggested that I have a problem with. She has a total of 12 students...if everyone gave $10 that doesn't even come close to the cost of an iPad, kwim? The home room mom said she was contributing $30.
I was a third grade teacher for seven years in a lower socioeconomic area of town, and I would have been thrilled with a monogrammed insulated cup and a $10 gift card, crap I would have been thrilled with just the cup.
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