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What do you do when your child loves her school, but you don't?

I posted before about the lunch issues and DD's school. How she had her lunch heated and since she didn't speak up loud enough to be heard when the teacher called out the food was ready, she never got her food. I still think that after all the lunches were passed out, if there's still one there, as the teacher you should call it out again. Yes, it's the kids' job to get their lunches, but these are kindergarteners, you should realize that obviously someone doesn't have a lunch.

Anyway, DD still hasn't been eating. I emailed the teacher, asking for some guidance on the situation on a Thursday night. I thought she might be able to help me come up with a solution. She didn't get back to me until Monday night. I don't email her or communicate with her often, but when I do, she makes me feel like I'm "that" parent.

I was also talking to the nanny of a boy in DD's class, and apparently she has issues with the school too. One day, the lunch aide heated up the boy's food and dropped it on the ground. He was not offered anything else to eat.
There have been weeks when her boy didn't eat anything either. She too, is made to feel like she's "that nanny" so it's not just me that gets this attitude from the teacher.

I choose this school because the curriculum. The class was supposed to be a mixed K/1 class with 2 teachers. They said if DD excels in a certain subject, she would be with the 1st graders of the class. Then when school starts, we find out the 2 teachers left and there's just one teacher. Now the class is still K/1, but she teaches them separately, so there's no advancing. I'm not explaining this right, but basically, it's not exactly what we signed up for.

But, DD loves her school. She loves her teacher and her classmates. she's learning to speak Japanese and she's reading now. I can't imagine telling her I don't want her to go back next year (she will have the same teacher, in the same class cause she will be in the 1st gr level) because there are things I just don't like or agree with.

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