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Re: Am I wrong in thinking that this is a bit much...teacher gift question

You certainly can say 'I already had something for her!' and just give your gift.
or, if you were going to get her a $10 gift card for somewhere else, just make it to Target and participate.

I don't think it's out of line for another parent to try and organize a gift for a teacher. Certainly a big gift would be better than a lot of smaller ones over the course of a teaching career. It would be one thing if they were like 'we're buying this and your fee is this much' because no one should be able to dictate to you how much you spend. But if they are just asking if you'd like to contribute.. well, you were already planning on getting her a gift card - does it matter to you if you get one to Target instead of Starbucks?

We never did teacher gifts - this is a new thing. And 3 gifts a year is a lot if you ask me. I think they deserve it - most certainly - they deserve all sorts of wonderful things for being teachers. But, not if it impacts your family budget in a harsh way.
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