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Re: S/O do you buy for more than just your own family for Christmas?

we only give "real" gifts to the kids in the family (ours, our niece, my kid brothers).

Then the grandparents get something made by our kids, or with the kids pictures (like a clay plate with their hand prints, or a calendar of pictures).

The rest of the family gets a bulk gift (like homemade seasoned almonds last year, or mini blueberry pies, a mug with homemade cocoa mix, you get the idea). we also donate to a charity. when we have enough, we like to spend what we would have on a gift on a personalized charity that means something special to them....but if we're struggling, we'll donate a flat (lesser) amount to one charity as everyone's "gift". so, if we can only afford $5 per person that year, I'm not going to split it up.
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