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Question re: time-outs

When you send your LO (young, say under 4yrs) to time out & then LO says they have to go potty, how do you handle it?

It's pretty consistent w/ DD...I know that part of it is a power & control thing, but I also want to reinforce DD's PTing. We've been "freezing" the timer while DD goes potty & then send her back to her room for the remainder of the time. The sitter has been forcing her to stay in TO, & then getting mad when DD has an accident, "B/c I asked her ten minutes before that if she had to go, & she said 'No'" The last couple of times, it was just a little leaking in her panties, not even enough to dampen her pants. Today it was a full on flood, & the sitter made DD clean the rug & everything. Part of me thinks the sitter engaged in a power struggle w/ DD, didn't "win", then punished DD for it...but then, there's also part of me that thinks DD was given ample opportunity to go potty, was sent to TO (probably for good reason), & cleaning up after oneself is a natural consequence for not going to the bathroom when you have to. DD is 2.75 yrs (will be 3 in March) & has been PTed for about 3.5 mos.

Part of me is furious w/ the sitter...I told her Friday we're starting DD in FT day care/pre-k in December, which she seemed to be fine with Friday, but then this happened today. The kicker being that I picked DD up & was talking to her in the car. I asked her if she was excited about going to "school." She said yes, but that said "I don't want to get kicked out." When I asked why she would think she was going to get kicked out, she told me the sitter's DH told her she was going to get kicked out of school for wetting her pants & on the floor.

Please tell me I'm overreacting & that this isn't nearly as bad as my rage-y anger thinks it is (not that I'll do anything...we've got tomorrow plus next week, then DD will be in the DC center FT. I also want to make sure I'm not screwing up this TO/bathroom seems like a "thing" that will continue to happen, at least for the next little while.
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