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Re: What do you do when your child loves her school, but you don't?

Originally Posted by Shimpie View Post
Honestly, I don't know too many schools that even offer heating up lunches in kindergarten. If there are serious issues beyond the lunch period, then that would be a reason to dislke this school.
We were told at our school that lunches have to be able to be heated in less then a minute or they won't do it because the kids run out of time by time they get all them heated up. Having been a preschool teacher when your running around getting stuff heated and food ready its very easy to forget or not notice a lunch sitting by itself- especially if you have already called for them to pick up their lunches. I've done it before, but since it was preschool and nap followed the child was able to eat while the others settled in for nap. If it were to happen at my dd's school they would just be out of luck until snack time because they have no wiggle room in the schedule.

i send anything hot in a thermos and don't even mess around with waiting to get stuff heated. I also make sure dd can open everything herself- they have 10 mins for snack (very strict on the time) and one day I sent a hard to open container and she didn't get her snack because she waited too long to ask the teacher for help.

OP with the other child dropping his food- does the school serve any food? We're in a charter too. They don't have a kitchen and don't serve any food. If a child were to drop their food they wouldn't have anything to replace it with.
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