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Re: Question re: time-outs

Nope, not over reacting. DD who is 5 can't tell 10 mins before time that she needs to go potty. Its ridiculous to expect that from child under 3. I would be getting quite angry if a babysitter was getting mad over a less then 3 year old having an accident. And the husband's comment was out of line. I have said to dd when she was 4 and having accidents that she would not be allowed to stay in pre-school if she kept having accidents- which was true, they required all students to be potty trained- but that is me saying it to my child not my babysitter's husband saying it.

We also went potty and returned straight to time out to finish. And when dd didn't get to the potty because of something I did I clean it up, but I would make her clean up if it was because of something she did- like refusing to go or just straight out going on the floor on purpose- think she did that twice. If she has an accident now (does still happen from time to time) its usually not enough to make a mess anywhere but her clothes. She has to clean herself up.
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