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Re: Anyone else ever heard of this?

I want to say maybe this is the cash price for doctor/surgeon fee they've negotiated with their back up OB in case of transfer? We never had to pay this, but at my last birth, it was discussed--the back up OB, who would deliver a vaginal breech or do a c-section if necessary, would charge $2000 cash, to be paid then and there, though a CC was fine. FTR, we paid OOP as we had no insurance. I don't know what the deal would have been if we'd had insurance.

This is what it sounds like to me, *but* I have no idea why you would be expected to pay this up front. And assuming you get your VBAC, what happens to the money then? Is it some sort of actual required payment--have you ever met this OB? If you have seen him/her at all this pregnancy to establish care, then I understand there being a bill/payment owed, but $1K? Really?

If I were you, I'd call in the morning and get clarification from the billing person as to exactly what this payment is, why it's required, and then have your dad call about the insurance.
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