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Re: Am I wrong in thinking that this is a bit much...teacher gift question

I don't see the problem. It's not likely that with a class that small there will be enough to get all the way to ipad-dome, but there's nothing wrong with giving the teacher a start. If the message had left off the part about the ipad and she had just said to send in Target gift cards and she had chosen to give $30, would you have the same reaction?

The fact that you just got her a birthday gift is kind of moot. Sure, it impacts your personal budget, but it's just the way that events happen to fall.

It's common practice here for the room mom to help organize the gift giving so that parents can pool resources and provide the teacher with a useful gift. Usually for preschool (private here) we send in actual money and then the room mom purchases one gift certificate to somewhere. In public school, we have a $25 limit per student and it cannot be in the form of cash.
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