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Originally Posted by MommaLEB
Have you tried seabands yet? For now try to eat as well as you can, but take your vitamin and don't worry too much. You can always start eating better when the nausea stops. The zofran probably won't stop your nausea, it's more for vomiting. B6/Unisom are better for the actual nausea.

Don't worry about your house, you have the rest of your life to clean it.
Is the B6/Unisom considered safer than Zofran? This forum is the first time I've ever heard of that combo, but it seems to work!

Thanks for the last line. Encouraging, but a little discouraging, too!

Thanks to all for the input. I have not shared the news with any friends yet (CP in September-gun shy now), so it's nice to be able to "talk" here.
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