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Im honest with my girls. I hate washing dishes-even more so now that we dont have a dish washer. Dd1 now helps out with dishes(one of us dries while the other washes). She doesnt like it and at 1st told me all about it lol I looked her straight in the eye and said 'I feel the same way! However, we dirty the dishes so we must clean them or we'll end up eating off the floor with our hands. So lets just get it done so we can go do something more fun.' She no longer complains.

Of course she's almost 8 so a lot different then a toddler but Ive always taken the 'this is how it is so suck it up, get it done, and move on' appoarch(but in kidly friendly terms of course lol) and I can tell my girls are learning to not dwell on unpleasant tasks. They're really understanding that we all have things we must do that we really rather not so we have 2 choices 1-sulk around, let it linger over our heads and make us miserable or 2-do it and move on with life.
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