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I wouldn't go as far as saying that is normal or common, but it isn't uncommon either. DH is pretty good about bedtime. Terrible with brushing the teeth though, if I'm bit done it definitely isn't getting done. He does feed him dinner, but it isn't usually what I would've chosen. That being said, despite being "on the same page" with no TV for DS, he is frequently sitting on his Dad's lap at the computer watching YouTube videos of airplanes or tractors. And apparently it's ok for DH to watch football or a car race with DS in the room, or they have watched "This old house" together. The only one I really have a problem with is the football, and that is because of the commercials. Yeah, my 18 month old does not need to see the commercial for Assassin's Creed. Not cool. (Car races are downloaded from the Internet and so no commercials). Still I'd rather him not watch ANY TV and DH knows this and when we talk about it he agrees. In practice, not much. BUT, I've learned to respect the fact that DH is just as much of a parent as I am, and I try and respect his parenting decisions, even when I disagree.
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