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Update: Spoke with the teacher this morning before school. She was a little defensive which I expected. I told her we were disappointed in the lack of communication and that procedure wasn't followed. She said she will retest him okay. She also said the referral was the principals decision, she did not send him for one. I told her I feel it may be time to reevaluate his qualifications for an IEP or 504 and she didn't really have an opinion about that. When I asked why his grade had dropped so much without a note about it she said 'a C is average and not behind'. I said a C- is a smidge away from a D and if it's falling then he is obviously not grasping some concepts or is testing poorly and that's not where we want him to be. She told me shed have the principal call to discuss the referral and we got off the phone. There was not much more than that said.

The principal called a few mins ago and she assured me the referral was not disciplinary, that it was used as a net home and no further action was taken. She apologized for the lack of communication, said it was end of day when this happened and she was busy and didn't take the time to call. She admitted that she should have called. I brought up that the spelling word list was on the board and because of that, that Dh and I felt he may not have intended to cheat but that he may have just been trying to be done first. She actually agreed with this theory because she said he wasn't remorseful for his actions and was forthcoming with all information and didn't try to hide it or come up with an excuse (which she said is more classic behavior for a 2nd grader caught cheating). He was very matter of fact about the whole thing. This led her to believe it wasn't intentional dishonesty or cheating. She asked us if we would like to speak with the counselor and sped teacher regarding a 504 plan. She feels it would be a good fit for him at this point and allow him to be monitored more closely. We are open to that and will have a meeting after the holiday.

I feel I got my point across and having another chance to make an education/behavior plan to help him stay on track is what makes it with it.
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