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Re: DH watches kid like grandparent

My DH does things like this sometimes too. He is a great dad, and so involved... but he doesn't understand the consequences that come from missed naps/late bedtimes/bad food choices, because he usually isn't the one to deal with them. Mostly I feel like he's bad at multi tasking. If he's alone with the kids he will play with them the whole time (which I do appreciate, it's not like he's trying to ignore them) but will TRASH the house and forget to make meals so they're eating oatmeal and cheese for dinner.

If he was a babysitter, I'd fire him too I know its important to play with the kids, but other things have to get done too and they need things like baths and good meals and dinner and bed on time even if they don't think so at the moment.

If I'm going to be gone, I make a list. Yes he's the parent too and I shouldn't have to micromanage, but if I want their teeth brushed, a decent dinner, and them in bed by a certain time its not likely to get done without a list. That said, when I get home and the baby is still awake and he claims he tried to put him to bed but he wouldn't go down, or the 2 year old insisted on having only nuts for dinner and refused to take a bath, even if I feel like it would have been different if I was home I don't get mad at him or say anything because I know he tried. I want him to be confident and want to spend time with the kids, not feel micromanaged.

And yeah, I'd have made him get up and deal with DD2 if she's up that early because of something he did or didn't do and probably mentioned "this happens if she doesn't dinner " Its like a natural consequence!
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