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Re: How many pairs of boots do you own?

Originally Posted by jojoreta View Post
I have one pair. I bought them when I was 18 and I still love them! Lol I want a new pair just like them but in black but they're like $100 so I probably won't buy them.
That is my issue w/boots -- they are SO much more expensive than shoes if you want leather! My first pair I've had for at least 8 years though, so it's not like I'm dropping that kind of cash frequently I really like those Mephistos, and I've been browsing around for something else that I might like as much.

Four years ago, when I was pregnant with DS2, I found a beautiful pair at Nordstroms during their after-Christmas shoes sale. they had the scrunched leather sides, a comfy and cute heel, and was a nice caramel color...but MY size was ever-so-slightly snug and the next size was too big. I put them back because my feet were swollen from being preg and I thought it was not a good time to shop for something expensive like boots since my feet would probably be different post-baby. Anyway, I still think about that pair
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