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Re: DH watches kid like grandparent

Add my hubby to this list. He gets all the fun, none of the hard work. He's lazy. It's not a secret, but I pity my poor, tired, hungry kids because he's too busy watching football all weekend to make them a proper meal or make sure they rest. Every so often he'll make some backhand comment about how all he did is feed the baby all day. You know what? I would LOVE to sit around and do nothing but feed the baby all day.

I've had it out with him many times over the years that I need help. We each have a defined list of chores, but I deal with all the little stuff. Stuff like clipping fingernails, washing diapers, picking up that toy that's been on the floor for a week, stuff like that. I have a very, very real fear that he wouldn't be able to do it if i ever died. They'd eat ramen and hotdogs every single day and wear outgrown clothes and their teeth would rot out of their mouths.

It's maddening. I bust my a** for our family. I've told him over and over if he's sitting around and I'm working on house chores, he needs to get is rear end off the couch and help me do them. I don't do them for fun, that's for sure. He's just so obsessed with sports. If it's not a commercial break or halftime, forget it. I hate it.
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