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Re: DH watches kid like grandparent

My DH is just "getting" it as LO #3 turns 20 mos old.

No, dear - dry cereal is not breakfast. Yes, they NEED to wear pajamas and have their faces/hands washed, and teeth brushed before bed - yes, EVERY night. No, honey, feeding them ice cream for dinner is not okay. Yes, they DO need to be in bed at bed time.

He's just really lax with things that I consider to be really important in parenting.

At the end of the day, he's a great dad. He doesn't get angry with them easily. He plays with them and has a lot of fun with them. He enjoys watching them and doesn't complain when I leave them all with him to go do something. He works hard.

So, I just let it go. I see single moms with NO help, or dead-beat Dads who don't lift a finger to do anything for their kids, and it makes me really thankful that my DH is a great dad!....... just not good at doing things the way I want them done.

But, he's getting better. a LOT better. It only took 3 kids. And 5.5 yrs.
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