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Re: DH watches kid like grandparent

Originally Posted by cdeweese View Post
Hahahahahaha!!! So funny!

My husband was pretty bad about not interacting with the kids while I was gone. He didn't start doing it until he went back to school (he's also active duty military). So basically, when I left the TV came on and stayed on until I got home. He'd feed them, but it was normally something like peanut butter and fruit snacks for dinner. During dinner the kids would be at the table watching TV and my husband was on the iPad/phone looking up news reports or doing homework. It was not uncommon for me to come home and at least one of the kids was in time out or crying. When I asked what was going on, I got the same response every time. "I don't know what's wrong with them, they're just in a bad mood." Then I asked what he did with them and I got, "Oh, we watched TV, ate lunch/dinner...." And all I'm thinking is, "Oh, OK. So you just played on the iPad the entire time I was gone!" The most frustrating part is that he really seemed to be clueless! I've gone as far as taking the iPad with me when I leave. That seemed to get it across (in a not so nice way). I hate knowing I'm coming home to a mess at least, possibly a houseful of grumps. When it got really bad, I left him a chore list and told him if the kids were not decently happy when I got home I was doing the same thing again the next day. I had to make him man-up. I told him, "They are your kids! You had just as much fun making them as I did, you need to have fun taking care of them." I hate that Dad's are sometimes considered "babysitters".
YES! I can't tell you how many times I've gone to meetings for one thing or another and the person running the meeting tells me to make sure to thank my husband for watching the kids so I could come. I usually just say something like "They're his kids too, we both do a great job of parenting them"

Next weekend I'll be gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon and he'll be home alone with the 3 kids. I have no worries.
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