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Re: Siblings bedsharing at what age?

I coslept with both of my boys from birth on so when Tharen was born Kearnan was still in bed with us. He didn't move out until he was 6 so that was close to 2 years of us all sleeping together. Tharen moved out a bit earlier but that was only because he could move in with his brother. I think he was about 3. He actually had his own bed in the shared room but they slept together (in a twin sized bed) most of the time. I wound up separating them because they would stay up and play all night and Kearnan had to get up for school. Several months ago I wound up moving them back into a room together and they love it. They are sleeping in separate beds most of the time now.

When my brother and I were little we shared a bed. I think my mother moved him into bed with me when we moved from WV to TX when I was 2.5 and he was 9months or so. We had a double bed that we shared until I was right around 10 and decided that I wanted my own room. I had bunkbeds after that but he used to come in the middle of the night and crawl into the bottom bunk if he couldn't sleep.
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