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Re: DH watches kid like grandparent

Originally Posted by SaraElise View Post
YES! I can't tell you how many times I've gone to meetings for one thing or another and the person running the meeting tells me to make sure to thank my husband for watching the kids so I could come. I usually just say something like "They're his kids too, we both do a great job of parenting them"

Next weekend I'll be gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon and he'll be home alone with the 3 kids. I have no worries.
Someone recently looked at me wide eyed with amazement when I told her I left all 3 kid with my DH. 0-0

Apparently that's not normal? Or something?

I would probably seriously flip my lid if my DH acted like he couldn't be bothered to watch OUR kids. He doesn't do the best job ever. He doesn't even do a GOOD job. But he tries, he honestly does try his best. I do appreciate it (b/c apparently it's rare?! ) but I also EXPECT it. They're HIS KIDS, too.
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