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Re: DH watches kid like grandparent

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
No, dear - dry cereal is not breakfast. Yes, they NEED to wear pajamas and have their faces/hands washed, and teeth brushed before bed - yes, EVERY night.
Ha this is my husband. This morning DS1 came out and was wearing a bathing suit. Apparently he peed the bed last night and DH didn't want to go downstairs to get him clean pjs so he for some reason put swim trunks on him haha.

Constantly I will pick him up from preschool and he will have crazy bed head (DH drops him off) and I'll ask DH if he brushed his hair. He insists "boys don't need their hair brushed... I don't brush mine."

His other big thing is forgetting shoes. DS2 almost never ends up with shoes if he drops him off at the babysitters, and yesterday night he took DS1 to Walmart with no shoes which was apparently fine because "he was in the cart the whole time." BUT he's a loving fun dad who takes the kids places so I just roll my eyes. Some things just seem like common sense and I don't *understand* how he doesn't think of them. Kids need shoes. If it's cold bring jackets. WASH THEIR FACES AND HANDS REGULARLY.
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