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Re: What do I do with all our milk? I'm really confused.

i donated a bunch with my other 3. thousands of oz easily, but not until a few hundred oz went bad in my freezer bc my oldest, and next 2, wouldnt take bottles i felt sooo bad throwing it out. with the next two i still pumped but donated it. i kept 100 oz or so in the freezer but rotated it out so it didnt expire. when they weaned i donated the rest. ironically enough i wasnt going to pump this time...and im EPing for my dd who has low muscle tone and cant suck. i have no extra right now. in fact my friend just dropped off some extra milk she had bc her son wont take a bottle and my supply has dipped a little. as someone who has been on both sides, id rather donate extra and worry about what ifs later. i know if something happened and i couldnt pump at all, that i could get milk from several friends. if i didnt have them, i would still be able to find milk on HM4HB easily. so i wouldnt stress too much. what if you had 1000+ oz and went out of town and your freezer died and it spoiled? it could go either way
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