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Re: Ingenious child wrangling tips

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
Our kids can tell when it is 8am.

We have a new rule we recently put in force. If you wake up before your clock says 8am, you need to stay in bed and be quiet. (which isn't actually as big a deal as it sounds, they typically wake around 7:45am)

After 8am, you may get up very quietly and play quietly with books or play doh until mommy and daddy wake up (usually around 8:15am).

We always hear them calling to each other from their beds in their bedrooms (our house is small, and all 3 bedrooms are right next to each other) like inmates in prison or something... They'll open their door as quietly as they can and then scramble back in bed and then whisper loudly "[Sister] Are you awake?" And she replies "yes [brother] I'm awake! It's almost 8 o'clock!"

It buys us about 30 mins to half-sleep while we listen to them.
We do this too. Except it's 830 and the kids usually get up around 8. They frequently "talk" to each other through the doors. We started it when DD was 6 months because DS would get up and yell and bang things and wake her up, making her cranky.

For Christmas my parents used to let me play with Santa gifts until my mom got home from work, and my dad would nap in the chair in the living room. As my mom stopped working 3rd shift, we'd get up early do presents, then have nap after all the presents had been opened and we had breakfast.
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