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Re: now I'm nervous I killed my supply

I really th7nk you are fine. My breasts do not feel full so to speak unless DD sleeps for 6 hours then they are envorged. Then fussyness could easily be just a tired baby. I am sure you body is just regulating to the needs of you baby. I have been block feeding only and in the morning I pump one side--my better producer which is my right side---just for some freezer stash.

I can tell that my body is readjusting since I have gone back to work and am no pumping both sides twice a day. I geg fulller on the weekends when she is only eating from one side. I pump twice in the AM now on the. Non-eaten from side.

Hope that makes sense. I am by no means an expert. Those have been my experiences this time around

Try not to stress. .
wife and mom-- no other special labels. Just trying to do the best I can.
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