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Re: Need dollhouse and barn recommendations

We're shopping dollhouses too. I'm seeing the best prices on amazon so far, and most of those new don't come with any accessories so it would be perfect for you. I've been leaning towards the Ryan's Room ones, they are so simple and versatile. Grandma is paying, but we'll probably get one on craigslist if we can find a good deal.

For Barbies I saw a dollhouse at Costco that looked like it would work. I think it was around $80?? But you can pick up a barbie house at a garage sale or craigslist for next to nothing when you get to that point. I haven't seen anything that looks like it would easily accommodate small dolls and barbies. I remember propping up hardback books when I was little to make rooms for my barbies

A barn house? I never thought about that, but that would be awesome! DD loves her little animals so I might have to get one of those someday. I googled it and saw this amazing one on Amazon Too bad it's so pricy.
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