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Re: What kind of seat for older kids?

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
Target has the Graco Turboboosters on sale this week $30 (save $20). They are high back boosters that change to backless boosters. They have 10 years before they expire.
I didn't know the name til I looked it up and that's what is in my DH's truck for them. I like the portability of it, and the price. It's just so hard for me - they still look great in their 5 pts., and too little for HBB. Maybe it's just in my mind! I was hoping to get another year out of their current seats. Thanks for the rec! Just out of curiosity, do you know why these are 10 years vs. 5?

Originally Posted by lilychic4 View Post
Do you trust the girls to sit correctly in a booster the whole ride every ride? Most 5-6yo kids are mature enough to sit in a booster.

I'd definitely recommend a high back booster so they have belt guides for the shoulder belt and the side impact protection.
Graco Turboboosters are great.
Other good fitting boosters tend to be:
Evenflo BigKid
Britax Parkway
Diono Monterey
Harmony V6

Do you have a BRU or BuyBuy Baby near you? Take the girls to a store that lets you try the seats in the car. You want to see the seat belt flat down on the thighs and a shoulder belt across the collar bone rather than off the shoulder or up on the neck. Pick out what you and the girls like and fits in your budget
Target is our store with the most selection. It's in the next town over, we live in a small town. =) I do trust them to sit in boosters, but they are definitely not tall enough without the guide, and they still only weigh 44 lbs. I had a friend recommend a Diono Radian (I think), so I'll def look into the others you listed. Thanks!

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
We love our Graco Turbo Highback Booster. It is no frills, but gets the job done. All a booster does is correctly position the belt. What you need to find is the one that correctly places the belt on your kiddos, which may mean testing a couple out in your car.
Thanks! I didn't realize it, but that's our backup in my dh's truck.

Originally Posted by moms5angels View Post
if your looking for long turm use i would go w/ a frountier 85 since it harnesses till 85lbs 57in tall & then turnes into a hbb for up to 120lbs 65in tall. it deff more $ then the other posters above recamended but i have one for my oldest & love it. just a heads up. it a huge & heavy seat
That's one of my problems. I don't know how long term I'm looking. I had my odd in a booster until she was almost 10. My other two are on the smaller side, and still look perfectly fit and cozy in their 5pt. But realistically, how long can I expect them to be in a 5pt? I'm not sure the investment in a big, sturdy ($$$) seat is worth it if they will be in it's converted postition in a year. Am I making sense?

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this. Surely, I'm way over thinking!
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