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Re: I miss my jillian michaels exercise....

Originally Posted by babyrosie View Post
Why couldn't you do it? Assuming you don't have any health concerns. I continued all my workouts including long and interval runs, and difficult circuit training/ body pump hour long classes at the gym. Working out 4-5 days a week, not light work outs. The only thing changed is I don't lay flat on my back starting about 16weeks (I am 19 weeks now) so for abs I do planks and obliques. Other than that, I still kick booty in the gym it makes for a healthier mom and baby. My OB fully supports me continuing my exercise routine. I say do what you are comfortable doing. GL!
yes, this.

When it becomes uncomfortable for you to lie on your tummy, don't do it anymore.

If something really hurts, you should chill out on that particular exercise, or replace it with something else.

Other than that, working out is GOOD for you when you are pg. (and any other time in life!)

Listen to your body and use common sense. Sounds like your body misses its daily workout!!
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