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Re: What kind of seat for older kids?

i understand what your saying since there tiny the frountier might b too big for them. might look like its swallowing them up my son who is in it is the only tall one i have. the rest of my boys r tiny & my daughter is avg. (that what the dr says aneyways lol ) he just outgrew the straps by hight & is now using it as a hbb. he is only 4in away from being in a seat w/o a boosterseat at 8yrs old! :-O i plan on handing it down to my 5yr old once jake dont need it no more. that seat is goona b huge compared to him & the radian he is in now.
my son jake wasnt happy when he outgrew the harness in the frountier. he said he felt safer w/ them. mabe your daugher/s will b the same & u will gwt max use out of it if u do get it? u could take your kids to the store have them try out carseats & see what ones work for u & them
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