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Re: Anyone had previous shoulder dystocia & large baby- did you doctor suggest c-sect

Originally Posted by steph410 View Post
I forgot to add a few details to my original post. My first baby apparently had shoulder dystocia also. But from my memory (I had an epidural for that one), it was not as bad. The nurses sort of pushed on my tummy and I got an episiotomy. He was not injured at all.

Then I went on to have 2 more babies without SD.

My fourth (most recent), had SD- he was stuck for a few minutes but eventually I miraculously pushed him out. He seemed fine at birth, but 2 days later the Pediatrician said he had broken his clavicle. It was minor, though, and healed on its own. He never really had any problems with it. Apparently broken clavicles are not that rare for difficult births.

Anyways, I'm certainly not being "selfish" in my desire to avoid a c-section (IMO). A c-section is major surgery and carries significant risk to mom and baby. If I can deliver on my own I would much prefer it...
I didn't mean to say you are being selfish. I definitely mourned my having to have c-sections. I just meant you should be open to the possibility of the need presents itself (some moms I've spoken with are so anti them that I would worry they would put their desire not to have them over the health of the baby... eek. that is rare though). Anyway, with the history you just wrote, I would be even more open to a c/s. Given that this is your second s/d and that this time the baby was injured; I would be concerned next time (esp. if the baby is even bigger) that there would be even more of a serious injury I have had some complications with the c-sections (the 2nd with adhesions and the 3rd c/s with a bladder injury and adhesions) so I know there is risk (I wish I didn't know!haha) and yet my oldest son is 5 years old and still dealing and living with the result of his s/d. Everyday he works so hard and his whole life was changed. Just some things to consider.

Did you have many red flags in your labors? If so, would the doctor be comfortable monitoring size and any potential red flags? Maybe he would agree to a Trial of Labor if you signed waivers and really wanted to try a vaginal birth this time. Every Brachial Plexus Mama I've talked has said the doctors have told them they were "automatic c-sections" (even second opinion ones) and yet I did find my ob/gyn who was willing to let me TOL with the 2nd kiddo. So maybe yours may be comfortable with that. If you didn't have any red flags, that might make him more nervous though.
Did he say how tight he felt your lo was wedged in? My midwife said she could not get a finger in between #1 and I to when she reached in to try to manipulate his shoulders after changing positions did not help. I have no doubt his was not positional.

Jaelynsmommy- From what I've read and heard in conferences, there is a 7x greater risk of it happening again to you. Not saying it will (I certainly hope not!!!), but it is more likely to happen again since it happened before, so make sure she stays up on being trained in maneuvers to dislodge the baby and having other emergency equipment out "just in case" it's needed.
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