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Re: Anyone had previous shoulder dystocia & large baby- did you doctor suggest c-sect

Originally Posted by steph410 View Post
I forgot to add a few details to my original post. My first baby apparently had shoulder dystocia also. But from my memory (I had an epidural for that one), it was not as bad. The nurses sort of pushed on my tummy and I got an episiotomy. He was not injured at all.

Then I went on to have 2 more babies without SD.

My fourth (most recent), had SD- he was stuck for a few minutes but eventually I miraculously pushed him out. He seemed fine at birth, but 2 days later the Pediatrician said he had broken his clavicle. It was minor, though, and healed on its own. He never really had any problems with it. Apparently broken clavicles are not that rare for difficult births.

Anyways, I'm certainly not being "selfish" in my desire to avoid a c-section (IMO). A c-section is major surgery and carries significant risk to mom and baby. If I can deliver on my own I would much prefer it...
Even with this, I still personally would not consent to a c/s.

Maybe it's brutally mean or something, but I'd rather risk having a newborn with a broken cervical - which will heal quickly, and they will not remember the pain - than have major abdominal surgery.

You had one with the issue, which was easily resolved, two without any issues, and then one with the same issue, which was (IMO) again easily resolved.

Your next 5 births could have NO dystocia. There's just NO WAY to know.

If there is a true emergency and your baby is crowning but is stuck in a major room, they can do a c/s at that time. But to plan for one, on the idea that something *could* happen that *MIGHT* not be able to be remedied any other way.... seems a bit unfair IMO.
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