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20 months...4-5 day separation, what to do?

Hi there mamas! Well, I can't believe we've made it 20 months! (well, the 25th will be 20 months). Anyway, we are headed to NC from Oregon tomorrow. We are relocating to be closer to family again. We just sold our house (yesterday!) and we are leaving tomorrow for a house hunting trip. The kids will stay with the grandparents (an hour away) while DH and I get a hotel and do several intense days of house hunting.

I don't know what to do about ds still nursing. He really only nurses a couple of times a day, sometimes early a.m. if I am really tired and trying to get more sleep and he gets persistent, and before a nap. Sometimes he'll get really tired in the late afternoon and want to nurse. But, if he's away from me during the day, he's totally fine going all day without nursing.

I feel like my supply has dwindled to practically nothing anyway. When he does nurse before a nap and falls asleep, he rarely swallows much. I am more of a pacifier now.

So, we'll be apart about 4 1/2 days. I don't know if I should just take this time to wean him or what. I won't be able to take a pump and I never responded well to a pump anyway. (I'm talking 20+ minutes just to get a couple of oz and that was when I had a good supply when he was a newbie).

I had planned on letting him self wean but a part of me is really done, too. It's really best if we don't have the kids on this trip with us. It will be long days of driving all over the place looking at houses.

I just feel guilty for forcing it on him, but at the same time, I'm ready to be done and he doesn't seem to be taking much anyway and he seems fine when he has been apart from me for a full day.

Anyway, just any advice or tips or anything would be great!
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