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I have never had this issue and am totally at a loss. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks for PROM at 28-4 weeks. I finally got an infection and had to deliver by a true emergency csection at 30-5 weeks. They were not even going to wait for dh To get there, baby and I got that bad that fast. Thankfully I had already called him and told him I started running a fever and he was on his way but we live 80 miles from the hospital. He did make it but I was already cut open, he did get there right before they pulled baby out.

I usually have oversupply and have my milk fully in by the end Of day 2 and beginning of day 3. It is now day 5 and I am struggling to pump 7 Mls combined both breasts. I have been pumping with a Medela symphony every 2 hours since I came back from recovery. I just can't make milk. Is it due to him being a preemie, me having an infection and a csection? I have never had milk issues and this is baby number nine.

Everyone keeps reassuring me it will come in but I am not sure. I am still in the hospital because I run a fever every afternoon of about 101 still. Tomorrow we get to go home. He is eating 14 Mls every 3 hours and I can't even pump that much. He is Getting preemie formula to make up the difference and I feel like a failure. I have never used formula. I pump like mad woman but get a tiny amount only. Any experience?

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