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Originally Posted by magdalynaa
Thanks, everyone!

To those who asked, I think I'll keep going for now. BF'ing suddenly got so much easier when I got my supply under control. I don't find it at all inconvenient any longer, except for pumping. However, due to my oversupply, I only have to pump 3-4 times a day now anyway and rarely on the weekends, so that's not exactly a hassle, either. She still has about 1200 oz in the freezer if I do decide to wean soon. She has started solids and is doing well except for some constipation, but I guess as long as things are going well, we'll keep going!

As a sidenote, we're changing peds. She went in for her 6-mo well baby visit today, and the ped pushed again for me to switch her to formula. I just don't get it. She weighs 17.2 lbs and is 28 inches long at 6 mos... obviously, her growth is excellent. She nurses well, and I'm willing to continue BFing. So why would I switch her to formula?? This has been a problem at EVERY appt so far.
It is crazy that the pedi would say this. I would straight up ask them
"isnt breastmilk the most nutritious thing for my baby?"
And they would say yes (unless they lie and say formula is better)
"than why are you asking me to switch to something (formula) less nutritious?!"

CONGRATS ON 6 months good job mama!!
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