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Re: Anyone had previous shoulder dystocia & large baby- did you doctor suggest c-sect

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
If there is a true emergency and your baby is crowning but is stuck in a major room, they can do a c/s at that time. But to plan for one, on the idea that something *could* happen that *MIGHT* not be able to be remedied any other way.... seems a bit unfair IMO.
I think this tends to be the opinion of many, I was told by so many people when I was debating with my third what to do that a broken clavicle wasn't a big deal in a newborn. But they never seemed to acknowledge that there could be much worse outcomes with a dystocia. Green Baby Bottoms

Exactly what GBB said! Shoulder dystocias can have worse outcomes that a broken clavicle and even my son's brachial plexus injury (paralysis of one or both arms) and sensory issues from lack of oxygen. I've talked with many moms who's children were not able to be rescusitated in time to prevent permanent, serious brain damage and cerebral palsy. I've talked to doctors who've had babies die because of s/d as well.
And c-sections don't always prevent injury once the baby has got to the point of crowning and is engaged. I've talked with one family who's infant suffered an OBPI when they realized she was stuck and her heartrate was still there and so they went in for a c-section. Had to push the baby back up through the canal and out the incision and that force was enough for the injury to occur. My old midwife (who was formerly a nurse) has been party to a similiar situation in the OR. Many times though there is simply not enough time to get back to the OR for a c/s because when a baby is stuck, many times their oxygen is totally cut off and by the time the docs/midwives see the situation, they need the baby out "NOW" (thus episiotomies, major tearing, etc to Mama).

Sorry to go into so much detail, but the comment seemed to not realize the gravity of the situation and the really harsh outcomes that can occur. It's not an easy call on "what to do next time" for many mothers to make. The worry of the next time, the greater risks, and knowing it could always be worse is a hard thing to have in your head, esp. WHILE pregnant again.
If you, OP, are a praying woman, pray for God's guidance; for open doors if you should try again or shut doors if it could harm the baby more; for His peace to wash over you; for sensitivity to His voice to lead you and make the way known to you; and for comfort during this time of decision.
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