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Re: now I'm nervous I killed my supply

As usual you mamas were right :-) I went to a BF Gathering yesterday hosted by an LC and got to weight him. 8 days ago he was 10lbs13oz and yesterday he was 11.1, so he's def. gaining weight. I think the LC said roughly 1/2oz a day?

I also just tried the 24mm nipple shield and he did way better with it I think, actually took in more breast whereas with the 21mm it seemed like he was taking in more nipple than anything. When he popped off the piece of shield immediately surrounding the nipple piece was caved in a tad. Not sure if that's normal. Also, the nipple stayed the same shape & size, a bit more pronounced but not squished to the sides like with the smaller one. I just worry it'll be harder to wean him from the larger shield?? ahh

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