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Friends baby keeps drawing blood

My friend is still nursing her 15 month old; he doesn't take a bottle, will take a cup once in awhile. Won't take formula or pumped milk. Does eat plenty of solids at this point so the nursing isn't primarily for nutrition.

Recently he began biting, hard. At first it was only one particular side and a modified football hold temporarily fixed the issue. But now its both sides and to the ponit of drawing blood. Plus she has mastitis :-(

She's tried everything- the face shove, taking off with and without a stern no, withholding the breast, different positions, a nipple shield, etc etc. He has no interest in weaning though she would be fine with it. She figures he must be latching wrong but has no clue how to fix that. She's going to try to get in to see an LC but with the holidays it could be up to a week. She has gone to her local LLL meeting but it wasn't much help. Oh and he does it at random times so that makes it evenharder to pinpoint why he's doing it.

Are there any tricks she hasn't tried? Ideas on how to fix his latch? Any ideas why he's doing this to begin with?

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