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Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9
Renee, any ideas to help? Does it just go on and on but never cause a problem? Any thought on the feather regrowth?
She's such a sweetie. Lays daily now too.

Becky, first

Now, what the heck? You poor thing. How come the one is wounded? Fights? And for the record, I HATE the rir and any breed originated from them. With 1 exception, we ended up with a sweet rsl.

Have you thought about a sweet breed. That's why I'm trying to go to mostly cochins. Such HUGE hearts! A cpl sit in my lap. One get under me when kneeling in the garden helping look for worms.

What needs do you have for a breed. TONS of options. TONS! We would all be more than happy to help brain storm with you sweetie.
I have no idea for needs. A gentle breed, that lays really well. Like as close to everyday as possible. We can only have max of 6-8 hens and We use 5-6 dozen eggs a month....
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