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Originally Posted by magdalynaa

She straight up told me at DD's first appointment that "formula is just like breastmilk." Since then, she has given me 3 cans of formula and 3 of the ready-made bottles. She has also given me at least 2 new reasons at each appointment for why DD needs to be on formula instead of BM.

I should have run at the first appointment, but we were having some problems with insurance, so I stuck with her since I knew she was covered. This appointment was the last straw for me. A pat on the head and a "good job!" would have been preferable to a guilt trip, lol.
Redic. If my child's ped did that kind of crap I would be out of there so fast their head would spin. Seriously though I understand insurance issues but what a crap doc. Congrats on 6 mos!!!
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