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Originally Posted by qsefthuko
I've never read the book. I have always assumed baby led solids meant to watch babies signals he was ready for solids. I wasn't aware there was a specific criteria to follow other than baby's signals.

I do feed my kiddo at first simply because we have a small home. My son's chair does not fit in the kitchen. It is in my carpeted livingroom. He also prefers his food soft rather than crunchy. My older son did as well until 6 or 7 years of age.
Yep it does but there are certain safety rules like being able to sit upright, be able to put food in their own mouths themselves without help. She mostly advocates waiting until baby starts to grab food off your plate.
We have also found most highchairs completely usless as they all slightly recline. So our little ones either sit on our lap or we use a clip on highchair. I BLW both my girls and from 6 months they were eating whatever we were from roast chickdn legs to wedges to stirfries, pasta, curries and soup. Watching a 7-8 month old eat soup is amazing and messy which is all part of the fun of food.

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