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Induce at 34 weeks?

I'm 30 weeks tomorrow and yesterday I went in and received a confirmed cholastasis diagnosis. They are sending me to a fancy schmancy high risk doc at USC where I will receive NSTs weekly until delivery which they will begin considering at 34 weeks. They will not induce until they are certain that the babes lungs are ready, but it still kind of worries me a bit. I was 35 weeks when I was diagnosed with my daughter, so they let me go all the way to 37. I'm a little worried, but know that I'll be working with a top notch medical team to figure it all out.

I guess I'm kind of curious about what I should expect. Anything before 37 weeks just seems so early to me. I feel like she will be too small (my daughter was 6 pounds at birth) and will need the help of the nicu. Has anyone here dealt with being induced this early?
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