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Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 18th-24th

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
AFM: our u/s is this afternoon. Any spare are appreciated!
And that Levi is a good boy, and they have no issues with DH and Levi coming in with me. I made plans for the older kids to have somewhere to go after school, but kinda blanked that we would have Levi with us. He's generally really good when we're out, but this will be during naptime!
Lots of for that every goes well.

AFM: He finally kicked me last night!!! No wishy washy flutters for my little one. Jumped straight to very solid kicks as I was laying in bed last night. It was great. I'd stayed up a bit late perusing Black Friday sales hoping to fill out the last few holes in the diaper stash lay down and boom. I hope he will repeat the feat soon.
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