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Originally Posted by MrzP427

Thanks I really am trying and I have already given her about 100 oz of milk that was in the freezer so now I am working on making sure he doesn't run out before I can get him more. My brother is willing to buy all I need to be able to feed his little one, so that is a great help as well. Im sorry to hear about your SIL, No disrespect but she sounds a little ignorant if she wasnt willing to try and BF her child didn't want the help either. There are so many mommas who would give anything to be able to BF.
It sounds ignorant to you, maybe. But you don't know her reasons. All women have reasons for making the choices that they do. You have no way of knowing this woman's history or her breastfeeding issues, and to lay out a blanks statement like that makes you sound like the ignorant one.

FTR; I Nursed my DS for 30 months until my milk dried up during my second pregnancy, and my dd for 15 months when we weaned bc she had an allergic reaction to the medication I was taking. So my opinion isn't based on being defensive about my own decisions, but on being tired of how BF women talk about women who choose to FF.
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