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Re: Friends baby keeps drawing blood

I would just flick him on the mouth and put him down each time and not allow him back on till he stopped fooling around. Unlike a small baby, he is not feeding out of hunger so there is no guilt with refusing the breast to him. He should also be told no bite, drink nice each time. Even no booby till you are nice can help. I would begin weaning if he does not stop. I rather listen to crying from a toddler than have my nipple bit like that.

I am petrified of baby teeth and finger nails. My 7 1/2 month old has not bit yet, but has the tooth bump going on right now. He pinches my nipples with his nails though all the time, which hurts like crazy. I remove his hand and say ouch. I am hoping he is not a biter. My middle one was and I went from nursing to pumping for him as I could not handle it.
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