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Originally Posted by VeganCupcake
OP, your offer is wonderful. I have donated a lot, but like everyone else, my life is too hectic a lot of the time to pump at every feeding while also nursing and caring for my children. This is not an easy road you're going down if you don't have to to feed your baby.

Has your SIL gotten good quality help from an IBCLC? That her doctor said her milk doesn't have enough calories is a huge red flag for bad breastfeeding information. That's not what people who know breastfeeding would say.
I agree with this. An IBCLC would be able to help her identify if there is a tongue tie or hypoplastic breast tissue or other issue limiting her supply. In the meantime you've gotten some great advice for pumping for her. I think it's wonderful that you're offering that to her in the meantime while she sorts things out. :-)

I had oversupply with both babies and with my dd I pumped and donated to a friend's baby for his first year. I wasn't able to pump enough for him to be EP, so they supplemented with formula, but the mama said she was thankful for any amount of BM, and I'm sure your SIL will be too. :-)
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