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Re: BF'ing 1 and EP'ing for a 2nd?

Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
OP, your offer is wonderful. I have donated a lot, but like everyone else, my life is too hectic a lot of the time to pump at every feeding while also nursing and caring for my children. This is not an easy road you're going down if you don't have to to feed your baby.

Has your SIL gotten good quality help from an IBCLC? That her doctor said her milk doesn't have enough calories is a huge red flag for bad breastfeeding information. That's not what people who know breastfeeding would say.
This is definitely true! I was thinking the same thing, but had to get up and couldn't add it to my response. I would definitely have her seek other advice or even see another ped about the weight gain. My children were all very slow gainers (till this number 6 baby). Some peds really gave me a hard time about it and others didn't. Of course, my babies really were fine and some really aren't. But some peds can't look outside the box and start blaming mom's milk and recommending formula when nothing is really even wrong simply because they don't understand BF'ing well enough. I would encourage her to seek out an LC and gently encourage her to find a new ped who is very pro-BF'ing. (Ask the LC for a recommendation on a good ped who strongly supports BF'ing and isn't quick to jump to formula.)
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